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Boosted posts vs FaceBook Ads

Boosted posts vs FaceBook Ads

You just can’t ignore Facebook Ads in your marketing plan.

With over 2 billion users worldwide (which are actually active every month), Facebook represents an enormous opportunity. 

And many businesses choose to publish articles on their page to spread their word. 

That’s good, but lately in 2018, these posts are not viewed much.

Yes, of course, Facebook does this intentionally! 

The platform is becoming pay-to-play more than ever. It is a private business, after all.

So obviously, Facebook suggests boosting posts or doing Facebook ads.

Boosting posts is like window advertising

When I talk with fellow business owners about the benefits of Facebook Ads, very often, I’ll hear:

" I'm already advertising on Facebook – I boost posts! "

Boost Post

I get it — boosting posts is  e a s y! 

Truth of the matter is that boosting is like window advertising, it’s easy and it’ll work — sometimes!

Specifically, the targeting options are rather limited. 

Yes, you can choose age, gender, location, interests, but that doesn’t mean they know you or heard of what you do.

So to be clear; these are people that don’t know you or your offering, but they have some characteristic of your ideal customer.

Example: Your boost targets people that have shown an interest in fitness, to promote your CrossFit gym.

Now, Facebook has a rather large interpretation of interests, and CrossFit is rather specific. 

Facebook could have understood that you have an interest in fitness when you clicked on an ad for healthy meals, for example. It’s too much of a stretch to be worthwhile, Facebook.

So it’s more of a cold audience, which won’t show much interest. 

At the end of the month, if you’re getting a worthwhile return on your investment, that’s good. 

But most business owners don’t.

And most business owners stop here.

We’re talking about targeting, but really, it’s only one of the pieces to crack the puzzle. 

Below, an overview of the whole picture. 

A good marketing agency excels in these skills — copywriting, creativity, market analysis.

Facebook's Custom Audience

Your Customer data + FaceBook data = Custom Audience

If you’re the kind of business owner that wants to maximize return, then keep on reading.

Facebook Ads offer a great deal more. (especially if your website — or any other online destination — gets traffic)

The most interesting feature is Facebook’s Custom Audience

It lets you target (or show your ad) specifically to people that have previously interacted with you, in some way (outside of Facebook).

That’s actually our secret weapon! 🔫

People that have already demonstrated an interest in our offering, or at least know about what we do, are more likely to buy

For example, let’s consider Adelaide Club located in Toronto. 
(only to make the example more real, I have no affiliation with this organization)

People flow to their nice website through various channels, from a Google search for “best gym Toronto” or an interesting blog article of theirs, or even in-house promotion. 

The moment that these visitors hit the website, they can be tagged by Facebook.

Effectively, Facebook allows you to tag these visitors (you’ll need to install Facebook’s pixel on your site) and make a group of interested people (your Custom Audience), which you can later display ads to. (this process is called remarketing)

Adelaide Club Toronto thumbnail

Now we’re talking! You have a defined group of people that know you or your offering, and thus, are more likely to buy from you. 

Effectively, this allows you to make sales at a lower cost!

This concept of remarketing is not new; on average, you have to remind people many times, in different forms, for them to take action.

You don’t have a website? No problem. 

Custom audiences can be created from various sources;

Let’s say your front desk has been religiously collecting email addresses over 5 years. 

Facebook will take that list and make a custom audience out of it. (behind the scenes, Facebook knows which email is associated with a particular Facebook profile)

Custom Audiences are dynamic

Custom Audiences update automatically!

The Facebook pixel is constantly feeding new contact information from your website visitors, every time they hit your website.

Effectively, your custom audience keeps on growing and growing over time.

So, you can be assured the processes you put in place today will pay dividends, as time goes by.

This feature isn’t well known, so you can leverage it to make it a consistent source of sales!


You’re interested in setting this up for your business, but aren’t sure how to go about it? 

We’d love to help —> Simply hit the button to get started.

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