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20 New Patient Starts in 60 days

You want to grow your chiropractic practice?
Our proven marketing approach, will help you find potential patients, pique their interest, and get them to book their first appointment.
No unreliable stuff, no extra leg work for your staff, just more patients, fast and consistent.

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Why Choose Us?

Does your chiropractic practice need new qualified patients consistently?
Our mission is to help you attract and retain your preferred patients.
So you can get more done, in less time.

You Don’t Need Cookie-Cutter Marketing.

Our digital campaigns are so successful because we focus on helping you achieve the right kind of business growth for your practice. Whether you want more frequent visits, specific patient types, or even need help growing a second location, we’ll make it happen.

No More Advertising Guesswork

Is that newspaper ad you just paid for, actually working?
Or is it just an unusually busy day?
We make sure the Return-On-Investment / ROI of your advertising budget is crystal clear, with metrics and reporting that show the reach, engagements, and conversion of your campaigns.

20 New Patient Starts in 60 Days or It’s Free

Our campaign success rate is so strong, we guarantee you’ll see a massive appointment increase in the first 60 days, or we’ll give you 100% of your money back.

Yes, really, all of it. That’s how confident we are in our system.

Start Seeing Results in 3 Easy Steps

01•  Your Needs

When you partner with us, you’re not just any other chiropractice practice. We value people and relationship building. 

We work with you to understand where your practice has been, where you are, and where you want to go.

02•  Your Plan

We put together a plan of action that leverages your strengths to get the results you want quickly. 

We’ll present our full strategy to you before it goes live, breaking down every activation element and how they’ll affect your bottom line through metrics and KPI’s.

03•  Your Results

We’ll drive steady, consistent growth for your practice by sending the right kind of patients your way. 

We “dial it in” right:
As we collect performance data, we’ll continuously improve results over time. We’ll also make sure your marketing always reflects the state of your practice.

Take Control of Your Business's Growth

Stop losing time and money to marketing guesswork. 
Schedule your call with our team today and we’ll have your appointments calendar filled in a matter of weeks, guaranteed.

Do What You Do Best, Leave Marketing To Us

Steady, Reliable Flow of New Patients

Tired of wondering where your next patient will come from? We can generate new appointments on demand!

Google Reviews

Wouldn’t it be great if every patient, past and present left you a great review? We can help with that!

Detailed Reporting

Know exactly what is working and what isn’t. Measure your ROI accurately. Track every dollar spent.

Appointment Booking (optional)

Let us take appointment booking off your to-do list. We can set and update appointments on your calendar in real time.

Taking Care of Potential Clients (optional)

Your front desk staff has many responsibilities, checking up on potential patients might not be a top priority. That’s why we do it for you!

Appointment Follow-Up (optional)

Canceled appointments? No shows? We will follow up to re-engage and rebook for you.

Kind Words from a Client
"From web design to internet marketing expertise,
and his quick and efficient service, Marc's professionalism is outstanding.
We recommend his services without hesitation."
Dr Martin Lamarre, D.C.
Centre Chiropratique Pointe-Claire
Frequently Asked Questions

Every campaign is unique, but we regularly see upwards of $5,000 sales increase within the first 8 weeks. 

This is based on 20 new patients, at a conservative client lifetime value of $500. 

Of course, if you operate a large clinic and can take on more clients, we can send you more clients! 

Simply put, the lifetime value of a client represents the dollar amount of sales that a client will spend at your business (no time limit), averaged over multiple clients.

If you know that most of your clients come for 5 visits at $100 each, then it can be said that the lifetime value is roughly $500.

Of course, this number will vary quite a lot, depending on the clinic, low vs high volume clinic, location (low cost of living city like Montreal vs high COL like Los Angeles), etc. 


One of the biggest reasons our campaigns are so successful is because we build them to suit the kind of growth you’re looking for. We have experience building successful campaigns for specific services.

Our campaigns are successful because we improve them over time.

We make systematic adjustments to our plan based on audience engagement, site interactions, and other measurable data points that tell us if our message is compelling to your desired audience.

We can, yes! 

We offer this service as an option, as some of our clients prefer to reach out themselves.

We can follow up with every lead via automated text messages, emails and our in-house team of appointment setters can handle all calls to provide you a hand-off process that ensures your leads turn into booked appointments.

See next question for more info.

We’ve noticed that putting an excellent follow-up system:

  1. Adds tremendous value for patients.
  2. Takes work off your shoulders

Specifically, we love to implement a system that allows:

  • Clients to book directly into a calendar (without having to bother a receptionist)
  • Clients to receive upcoming appointment notifications (this minimizes no-shows)
  • In the event of canceled appointments or no-shows, clients can receive an invitation back
  • Clients can receive promotional/seasonal notifications


Any part of the program is customizable.

For example, if you want to handle all potential client inquiries, that’s no problem.

If you’d rather we handle it, it’ll be a pleasure!

We are located in the region of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 

Because of the nature of online marketing, we are able to offer this service to any chiropractic clinic worldwide!

We would love to! (for free!)

As Google Ads partners, we can tell you how much demand there is in your area. 

We’ll tell you how many times a query is typed in Google in a given month.

For example, the term “chiropractor” was searched 22,000 times in July 2021, in the greater Toronto, Canada area.

Just send us a message in the form below or shoot an email at [email protected] 🙂


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